Why Republicans don't trust Obama on immigration

Even Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), an architect of the Gang of Eight immigration bill, concedes that such conservative skeptics have “a valid point.”

“You have a government, and a White House, that has consistently decided to ignore the law, or how to apply it,” Rubio said on Fox News Sunday. ”Look at the health-care law. The law is on the books. They decide which parts of it to apply and which parts not to apply. They issue their own waivers without any congressional oversight.”

Rubio noted that Gang of Eight critics often ask what would prevent the administration, in the event that a comprehensive immigration reform bill is signed into law, from implementing the aspects of the law it likes (legalization), while ignoring aspects it doesn’t like (border security and enforcement)? “Quite frankly, I think it’s difficult to find a good answer to that,” he said — not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Gang of Eight bill.

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