These darned tea partiers are waging a war on comedy

So there you have it. The right is “tired” of liberals being able to express themselves freely. It’s simply payback time. It’s a reckoning.

The outrage truly had nothing to do with my joke. It had to do with me having the audacity to mock their new savior Ted Cruz. And the right wants to make it clear that if you do that, they will come after you.

Look, if you want to go an eye for an eye with politicians and political pundits because you’re angry that Obama was re-elected, because of Obamacare, or gay marriage, or for any other reason, so be it. You’re sadly contributing to the destructive hyper partisan climate, but I get it: you’re angry because you feel you’ve been wronged.

But don’t drag comedians into your grotesque reindeer games. Comedians should be afforded great latitude in telling jokes about people in power, especially our elected officials. Of course, if a joke is truly hateful—racist, sexist, Anti-Semitic, etc.—then the comedian deserves the consequences.

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