Independents are poised to disrupt the party system

The New Age spiritualist Marianne Williamson is thinking of running for Congress from Los Angeles as an independent.

There will be jokes about this. She’s been a glamevangelist, with a stable of celebrities swooning over her books and lectures. She’d be running against the estimable Henry Waxman, one of the more substantive and productive members of Congress–but also a fairly strict left-liberal ideologue who shows few signs of flexibility on issues where reform may be necessary, like Medicare.

But I wonder: Could Williamson be the harbinger of a wave of Independent candidacies in 2014? Are people so sick of the two existing parties that they’re ready to go shopping for something new? “We’re seeing this all over our polling,” says Peter Hart, who does surveys for NBC and the Wall Street Journal. “People are sick of the status quo: 60% believe that the entire Congress should be replaced. They’re looking for alternatives.”

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