"Now let us dine on RINO flesh"

In the long e-mail threads, Baer offers to donate $500,000 to anyone willing to fund the kind of hard-hitting television ads targeted at the “wimpy,” “squish,” “RINOs” Republicans he is disgusted with. A response from Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint included in the thread says as DeMint has discussed with Baer, he appreciates his “passion and zeal for freedom and the future of our country” and would love to accept a “no strings attached” donation, after which “your country will be in your debt. . . . And I will too.”

Baer also refers to GOP mega-donor Friess as “mi amigo and gracious Tetons ski host” and refers to conversations they’ve had over how Republicans can maximize their leverage during the shutdown and debt ceiling fights that just ended.

More than anything, it’s Baer’s colorful language that draws notice from a host of recipients who express their revulsion. The subject of one Baer thread is “Values Voters Vaginitis” — a reference to accusing social conservatives of being prostitutes to the GOP. He urges Wall Street Journal Editorial Page editor Paul Gigot, whose e-mail is included in the list of recipients, to “demonstrate NOW that Rupert Murdoch does NOT have electrodes tied to your testes to keep you from telling the truth.” House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan is a “handsome devil.” Speaker John Boehner’s decision to pass the Senate deal to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling is his “child-sacrificing, Baal-worshiping bow-down to Obama.”

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