Is giving your seat to a pregnant woman really sexist?

How anybody can argue with letting a pregnant woman take a load off is beyond me. But argue they did: “…if a pregnant woman goes to Disney World they shouldn’t expect me to make it easier for them…” and “…it’s a woman’s choice to get pregnant. You wanted to be equal. Now you are. Quit crying about it…” and …if you can’t stand for 30 minutes, you should be at home or find another line of work.”

Find another line of work? This woman’s not working at the Gap, performing in Cirque du Soleil or teaching Zumba. She’s a politician – isn’t sitting on your derriere part of the job requirement?? And since when does needing to sit down mean you can’t work? Really?? Tell that to Stephen Hawking.

Sources went on to say Ms. Swinson was happy to stand and would have asked for a seat if she wanted one. But anyone who’s ever been stuck standing holding a 20-pound load knows she was just being polite.

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