"This is sort of going to be a mea culpa from the president"

PACE: The administration and the White House in particular is very worried about this. They have spent a lot of time, a lot of money on this program, and you can’t say that this rollout has been anything short of embarrassing for the president. He’s going to come out on Monday. He’s going to address these problems. It’s the first time we’ll really have seen him do that — I don’t know how specific he’s going to get, but this is sort of going to be mea culpa from the president. In terms of …

WALLACE: Do you expect him really to say, we messed up here.

PACE: I think he’s going to have to. I think if he comes out and says anything other than that, he’s just going to be ripped apart, (inaudible) media, by the press, because this has really been a disastrous rollout. In terms of Secretary Sebelius, the administration says they have full confidence in her. That the president stands by her. I think they do have to think about the (inaudible) of this week, so. If she is going to be at a gala when she could be testifying before Congress, I think that just looks like they’re not taking this as seriously as they should be.

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