Poll: Obama's job approval declines to 44.5% in 19th quarter of his presidency

The 19th quarter, which ran from July 20-Oct. 19, is now the third in a row in which Obama’s job approval rating has declined. The current slump followed five consecutive quarters — the 12th through the 16th — of higher job approval.

Obama’s Gallup daily job approval ratings tended to be higher earlier in his 19th quarter than in the latter part. In late August and early September, Obama sought congressional approval for military action in Syria, something the public did not favor. That military action was avoided when Russian officials helped broker a diplomatic solution.

Then, during the partial government shutdown that began Oct. 1 and included 11th-hour negotiations to increase the debt limit, his job approval dipped as low as 41%. His Gallup daily job approval ratings had not been lower since November 2011.

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