ObamaCare's failed rollout is a minor story

Now that the government shutdown has ended, the mainstream press has pivoted to the biggest story in the country: the Republican Party’s woes, of course. That’s what tops the front page of the Sunday New York Times and Washington Post, at any rate, lengthy feature articles in both cases.

And Obamacare? Oh yeah, right, that. It’s gotta be in there somewhere. Ah, here it is. The Times has a piece on page 12 about Kentucky’s Democratic governor, Steven Beshear, and his plucky campaign to convince a deep-dyed red state that Obamacare works. Beshear’s not up for re-election. In part for that reason he’s positioned himself “ahead” of public opinion on the issue, says the Times. The Times also features a proposal by Tyler Cowen for a bipartisan compromise on Obamacare, which of course would require the GOP to abandon its quest for repeal.

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