The abysmal, pathetic ObamaCare rollout

Eventually, the crowd at will thin out, either because fed-up folks—especially the “young invincibles” who are so important to any chance of the program’s success—stop going there or because the government hires some decent programmers. Whether it’s in two months or 12—and whether it costs another $400 million—is anybody’s guess. But while you’re waiting, consider this: The Congressional Research Service found that the Obama administration missed half of its statutory deadlines for the implementation of The Affordable Care Act in its first three years.

There’s no rush. After the program becomes fully operational, then the real troubles will begin. Who in their right mind is going to feel comfortable giving income and other personal information to a site that inspires less sense of security than a Russian mail-order bride website? The government’s super-spy outfit—the National Security Agency—allowed a short-term contract employee to walk out with a bazillion incriminating PowerPoint slides. And you’re asking us to believe that HHS is going to keep things confidential?

Does it make you feel better that, as the Times put it, the “project quarterback” was the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which fails to catch between $60 billion and $100 billion annually in waste, fraud, and abuse? Reports are coming in that to the extent that and related phone centers are sending information to insurers, much of the data is junk that will require huge amounts of manpower to verify.

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