Politico: Obama is a "pathological rationalist"

The opposing column on what’s wrong is more interesting. It suggests that either Obama or his staff have lost a step since reelection, using the recent Syria debacle as exhibit A. But despite this ostensibly being an article about what is wrong, Politico can’t help inserting a big paragraph of fanboy praise up front:

“For all that some on the right see him as a dangerous radical, his political instincts have always been toward synthesis — borrowing ideas and language from multiple sides — and split-the-difference moderation. Early in his term, he settled on a market-based overhaul of health insurance with an individual mandate to buy coverage not out of deep conviction for this solution but because Republicans had once proposed the idea, even as most liberal Democrats wanted a more aggressive approach. Obama is a pathological rationalist, animated by his belief that the truth is usually not black or white but is found in the gray shades in between, and that reasonable people should embrace the seeming contradictions of divergent views to find a sensible way forward.”

Good grief. Are we still claiming the President is a uniter not a divider? How much more evidence do we need that he is hyper-competitive in all areas especially politics. Have the authors read fellow Politico scribe Glenn Thrush’s e-book in which he quotes a campaign aide saying “Don’t let the Mr. Cool shit fool you…” How about the vignette where Obama responds to a possible Rubio run for VP saying “Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.” That’s the voice of synthesis and moderation?