Is the FBI investigating the IRS scandal?

House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa and subcommittee chairman Jim Jordan want to know just how seriously the FBI is investigating potential violations of the law perpetrated by IRS agents involved in the agency’s targeting of tea-party groups. In a letter to newly confirmed FBI director James Comey, Issa and Jordan requested all documents and communications relating to the IRS’s evaluation of applicants for tax-exempt status as well as a briefing on the FBI’s own inquiries into two conservative groups, the King Street Patriots and True the Vote.

They may not get much. Gene Kapp, a spokesman for the American Center for Law and Justice, which represents 41 tea-party groups targeted by the IRS, tells National Review Online that the ACLJ has had “no contact from the FBI or any other investigative agency.” Likewise, Cleta Mitchell, an attorney for six tea-party groups targeted by the IRS, says that neither she nor any of the groups she represents have heard from the FBI since news of the scandal broke.