Does Spitzer still have a political future?

Mr. Spitzer, a former state attorney general and governor who resigned in 2008 after he was caught patronizing prostitutes, lost the Democratic primary for comptroller to Scott Stringer, the Manhattan borough president, 52% to 48%. Many in the business community had feared Mr. Spitzer, who had been leading in polls until late in the race, as a potential comptroller, which is the city’s chief financial officer…

A person close to Mr. Spitzer said it is unlikely the former governor would seek public office again in the near future. But the person said Mr. Spitzer’s performance in the comptroller’s race, especially compared with Mr. Weiner’s showing, and the former governor’s ability to self-finance his campaigns through his private fortune leave open that possibility.

“I haven’t heard him think along those lines. He would not have engaged in that kind of thought process yet,” this person said. “Will he now be thinking about that? I’m sure he will.”