Poll: Republicans embracing libertarian priorities

Social issues have become less salient to GOP voters: 41 percent said gay marriage is not one of their top 10 issues. Asked about abortion, about one-third said it is one of the top three issues they care about; another third said it is not in the top three but somewhere in the top 10 and the final third said it is not one of their top 10 concerns.

One-quarter of Republicans self-identified as “libertarian” or “lean libertarian.” Of Republicans, 42 percent view the term “libertarian” favorably and 10 percent don’t know it.

The poll surveyed all voters, not just those on the right, and overall 27 percent said they didn’t know enough to offer an opinion of libertarianism. About 40 percent of 18-to-32-year-olds view the word “libertarian” favorably, although about a third don’t know what it means.