Lindsey Graham, leader of the "surrender caucus"?

Famed Democratic strategist Pat Caddell swept into South Carolina on Monday night, blistered Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, and then insulted the people who put him in office. …

“Lindsey Graham is the effective leader of the surrender caucus of the Republican Party,” Caddell proclaimed during a fiery speech before the Charleston Meeting, a monthly gathering of conservative activists hosted at the swanky Harbour Club in downtown Charleston.

“And I don’t know how he works with the public in South Carolina, but I saw all of the people who’ve endorsed him for reelection. Frankly, he’s as close to a Democrat as you can get in South Carolina,” he said, evoking a smattering of chuckles from the audience.

But Caddell wasn’t chuckling—or even smiling, for that matter. The former adviser to President Jimmy Carter, now a Fox News analyst, seemed determined to go further than just lob barbs at another “feckless” politician; his tirade was aimed at the voters complicit in his reelection.