The Five: Hollywood has abandoned their "principled" anti-war stance

“You’re telling me that celebrities are abandoning a principled stand in order to preserve their social standing among their own cowardly circles?” Gutfeld asked, before wondering if it really could be fear of being called a racist that has actors like Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn staying silent on this issue.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, who revealed that Asner was her former “uncle” by marriage commended the actor for speaking out on” what he believes is the real reason behind it.”

“He provided cover for the rest of the liberal Hollywood principled anti-war people,” Eric Bolling suggested, who now have an excuse for their lack of action. Predicting that “a bunch of Syrians” will die if the U.S. takes military action, Bolling wondered if Hollywood’s loyalty to Obama was more important than that.