Lawmakers warn that Obama is fumbling Syria strike messaging

Republicans and Democrats alike warned Thursday the White House’s poor handling of its Syria messaging efforts has made it increasingly difficult to fall in line, threatening to doom efforts to build congressional support.

A lack of any sort of obvious, coherent game plan for convincing the public action needs to be taken against Syria and a decision to leave congressmen in their districts to be confronted by angry voters is making it increasingly difficult for members to back President Obama.

“The calls have been overwhelmingly against. We should have been called back immediately, there should have been a national address, New Jersey Republican Frank LoBiondo said Thursday.

“They made the decision, they are doing the best they can, the briefers are incredibly helpful but this is very difficult when Congress is not all here together. A matter of this magnitude, we should have been here so the president can explain to us and explain to the American people,” LoBiondo said. “My constituents, I’ve never had an issue that’s been so overwhelmingly against.”