Does anyone in the media care that the hardcore left is protesting Obama's Syria plan?

Sarah Sloan, the Answer Coalition’s national staff coordinator, told The Daily Caller that there have been protests in the dozens — perhaps the hundreds — the last few weeks. The two upcoming marches may be slightly bigger.

“Here in Washington, we might see in the thousands,” she said.

That’s nowhere near the estimated 500,000 people who showed up for the 2003 Iraq War protests.

When pressed for a reason for the difference, Sloan suggested that the outpouring of opposition to the Second Gulf War was greater because Americans had been able to digest the dangers presented by Iraq and Saddam Hussein for a decade or so.

She also noted that Obama’s signal that he won’t use troops makes it harder to generate a broad protest vibe. She compared the proposed bombing of Syria to President Bill Clinton’s air campaign in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.