The real lesson of Paul versus Christie: Nobody cares what Hillary thinks

In the midst of this maelstrom, presumptive 2016 front runner on the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is busy writing about her love of Downton Abbey. Why has Hillary remained silent on the grand issue of the day? It’s good strategy obviously. Letting Republicans beat each other up in primary fights worked well for Democrats in 2012, so why not try it again?

But as the argument between Republican frontrunners drags on for weeks, the media has barely remarked on the silence of the Democratic frontrunner. Media bias is a possible explanation but I think the real answer is even worse for Hillary. Unlike Sen. Paul, Gov. Christie and even candidate Obama, no one really expects Hillary to contribute much to this debate. Her response, whenever it finally arrives, will be poll tested and bland, designed above all to preserve he electability. Hillary’s silence may be shrewd but the media’s silence about Hillary’s silence suggests how little we’ve come to expect from her as a national figure.

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