The Clinton dramas: Here we go again

Clinton supporters would point out, fairly, that much of what has happened to them this summer — the steady stream of unseemly stories about Anthony Weiner’s continued virtual liaisons, his wife and Clinton confidante Huma Abedin’s very public decision to stand by him, and reports of mismanagement at the Clinton Foundation — has been beyond their control.

But it has all still renewed the question that hangs over Hillary Clinton: Has she learned from the mistakes of the past, and can she finally break some recurring cycles in her public life? Can she manage a functional, and focused, national campaign?…

But the coverage of late has been a reminder to Democratic operatives, Clinton donors and even their allies of years past.

Asked his take on the latest round of headlines involving the Clintons over the past month, former Bill Clinton adviser James Carville said, “Thus it was, thus it is and thus it shall be.”

“It’s always gonna be,” he added. “And if anybody thinks that it’s gonna change, they’re crazy.”

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