Bill Kristol: Palin could rehabilitate herself by winning Alaska's Senate seat in 2014

“I think the way Palin would possibly resurrect herself, if that’s the right word, or rehabilitate herself I guess a better way of putting it, [is] run for Senate in Alaska in 2014,” Kristol said.

“I’m not urging that, I’m just saying if I were her adviser I would say ‘take on the incumbent, you have to win a primary, then you have to beat an incumbent Democrat. It’s not easy.’ But if she did that, suddenly if she can imagine that, you know, ‘Sarah Palin, freshman senator, January 15, in Washington having beaten an incumbent,’ that would be pretty interesting,” he said.

Kristol told ABC’s Benjamin Bell earlier in the interview that Palin’s having left in the middle of her first term as governor had created a “big problem” for the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

“I think stepping down as governor of Alaska was a big problem. People don’t like to see a candidate, a governor or executive, absent some medical reason or whatever, just leave office early. And she’d been a good governor…of Alaska, until then,” Kristol said.