"I think most people hear (about it) and think, 'oh that's not really a sport,' and brush it off"

In this bizarre, three-dimensional playing field, attackers can sneak in from above, the side and even underneath.

At 3 pounds, the puck is about eight times heavier than an ice hockey puck so it can stay grounded underwater.

But such density, combined with the surrounding water pressure, also makes it that much harder to push with a 12-inch stick.

At the bottom, Docampo whips his body around in a tight circle to defend the puck from swarming opponents.

“A lot of (technique) comes from experience — asking people, ‘How did you do that?’ And a lot of it is muscle memory,” Docampo said.

Moments later, as two opponents battle for the puck midwater, Nikita Gokhale zips across the pool floor like a caffeinated eel and steals the puck from underneath the players.