Why Chris Christie should stand up to Sarah Palin

No one who counts themselves as a loyal Palin backer at this point is going to consider pulling the lever for Christie in 2016. Just not happening. Their bases of support are in the “never the twain shall meet” category.

It’s possible that a Christie denunciation of Palin would mean that the likes of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, both of whom are considering running for president in 2016, jump to defend Palin — sensing a political opportunity. Maybe. But, our sense is that Cruz and Paul — and their political advisers — will likely steer clear from any too-close association with Palin since she has proven herself to be a sort of free radical in the political process.

And, even if Christie does take some heat from the right for saying something along the lines of “I believe Sarah Palin is a voice for shrinking the Republican party, not growing it”, the gains he would make among the GOP voters who don’t identify with Palin and her brand of confrontational conservatism would more than make up for it.