Latest ObamaCare carveout is a boon to big insurance

With forecast rate hikes already causing agitation in the administration, these out-of-pocket caps would have to be seen as a liability. And for industry lobbyists, that would provide the perfect pressure point. Delay the cap and spare yourself more coverage of skyrocketing rates.

One of the upsides of having lobbyists present at the creation of the law and now having so many members of team Obama on the other side of the revolving door is that the lobbyists know just where to go to get what they want.
What about the 2009 and 2010 promises from Obama and his health law team, particularly Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, that they would smack down insurance companies who sought big rate hikes? Why didn’t they just tell insurance companies to pay for it out of their cushy profits?

Well, Sebelius has lately been in trouble for calling to raise money from the insurance industry to back her campaign to get more people to sign up for Obamacare. And Obama spent part of his evening last night at the Martha’s Vineyard home of Washington mega-lobbyist Broderick Johnson. Doubtful there was much pitchfork sharpening going on there.