Washington Post liberal columnist: Really rich people owning businesses is a good thing

He added that the Grahams “understood The Post stood a better chance of succeeding if it was taken private” because that would mean that the new owner “wouldn’t have to answer to shareholders.”

While that argument may suggest Meyerson is merely sucking up to his company’s new owner, he notes he made the same point in a column just days before the sale was announced.

It is not clear though that he completely understands the implications of his own argument: namely, that having wealthy “one percenters” like Bezos around with the resources to buy properties as expensive as the Post (sale price: $250 million in cash) is a boon because they can do things that collectively-owned businesses cannot.

The same day as his Bezos post went up, Meyerson had another column up railing against how “so much of (the country’s) wealth has been claimed by the very top” and that “the rich grew richer at everyone else’s expense.”

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