Krauthammer: Obama's desperate for a government shutdown to save ObamaCare

Look, Obama is desperate to have this because as we saw in the polls, the Republicans — it’s the only way he escapes on Obamacare. What he was doing today is addressing the Democrats who are running next year scared to death over what the election is going to look like as a result of the disaffection of Obamacare. So he gave a brave front and tried to portray it as the Republicans oppose health care for those people who don’t have it.

What Republicans are opposing now is the unfair and completely incoherent implementation. The pass that Congress gets, the fact that the unions are against it, it isn’t only Republicans. And the fact that there are these arbitrary waivers and all the elements of it that everybody understands is the arbitrary and unfair. That, I think, is what they are worried about. Obama pretends it’s a matter of principle, it’s not. It’s about a train wreck coming down the track.