In defense of populist rhetoric

1. It’s true. The game is rigged. Much government intervention in the economy works to favor the politically connected and those big enough and rich enough to deal with — and tweak – government regulations. Subsidies accrue to the biggest businesses and the businesses that hire up the lawmakers and the staffers who created the subsidies. This whole system creates an incestuous class of elites who get rich while the rest of us languish. The booming wealth of the DC area is a testament to this. So are record corporate profits, consolidation across industries, high unemployment, and stagnant median wages.

2. It counters Obama’s pretenses to populism. President Obama deeply supports corporate welfare, and regulations that protect big business from competition from small business. Pointing this out could help dispel the myth that Obama is championing the little guy against the special interests — and counter the myth that all advocates of free enterprise are shills for big business.