Wall Street rules a conundrum for Chris Christie 2016

The bombastic Garden State chief executive publicly waves off talk of a 2016 presidential run, even as his team has already started debating an issue lurking just beyond his November reelection: So-called “pay-to-play” rules that bar federal candidates from accepting campaign contributions from investment firms that do business in their states…

But the focus within Christie’s orbit, according to people briefed on the discussions, has been on how to allow him to keep his job as governor while amassing the resources needed to run for president. His aides are eying super PACs as the potential workaround – freeing financial sector donors to give in large sums to an outside group that would be created strictly to support him.

Under such a plan, the millions Christie wouldn’t be able to accept into his own campaign account could still be directed toward helping him.

“Super PACs didn’t exist before,” said one source familiar with the discussions. “It lets you do a lot you couldn’t do otherwise.”