Why is Jim Messina helping to sell an immigration crackdown in the UK?

Immigration isn’t the only area where Messina’s new clients have an agenda that Greenberg described as the diametrically opposed to Obama’s. Greenberg also pointed to Cameron’s push for austerity and spending cuts as an example of the Conservative Party’s “Tea Party policies.”

“The main battle in Britain is over the austerity that produced the double dip recession. … That’s their main case that the Conservatives are saying to the country, that we’ve done this, it’s the right thing, we’re doing it for the long term, and, you know, they’re cutting spending by 20 percent,” said Greenberg. “When you look to October and the big battles we’re going to have here in the U.S., it’s precisely over these big budget cuts with the Tea Party Republicans trying to cut the budgets in short term and telling us it’s good for long term for the country. That’s precisely what the Tories are saying is their case for being re-elected, that they’re making these tough choices for the long term interest of the country.”

Though he said he has worked on a “number of races” with Messina in the past, Greenberg declined to speculate on Messina’s motivations for taking the gig.

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