Meet Republicans' favorite House liberal

As more libertarian-minded Republicans have come to Congress, Welch has said it’s been a natural fit to work with them on issues like foreign intervention or civil liberties. He’s teamed up with a number of GOP members, including Gibson and Michele Bachmann to oppose intervention in Syria. Welch is a strong supporter of House efforts, like those led by Rep. Justin Amash, to shrink the National Security Agency’s ability to collect data on civilians.

“It’s a shared value of wanting to protect civil liberties and constitutional rights,” Welch said previously.

It’s difficult to find a Republican who has a bad thing to say about Welch. Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam called Welch “a happy warrior.”

“He brings a joy to the legislative process and a respect for colleagues that enhances his effectiveness,” Roskam said. “There are many members of Congress who are angry, and Peter is not one of them. He’s just easy to work with and engaging and as a result he’s well thought of.”

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