Poll: 57% oppose bailing out Detroit

According to the Quinnipiac University survey, 57% of registered voters oppose the idea of a federal bailout, while 33% support such a move.

Detroit last month became the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in the country’s history after Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and officials said the city can’t afford its $11.5 billion in liabilities associated with pension benefits, retiree health care and unsecured debt held by investors.

The Quinnipiac survey shows a partisan and racial divide on the question of a federal bailout. Democrats support bailing out Detroit 51% – 35%, while Republicans oppose the rescue by a margin of 65% to 28%.

Black voters also tend to favor a bailout by a slight majority, 57% to 36%. White voters, meanwhile, oppose that kind of federal assistance by a margin of 63% to 26%.