Chris Christie and the thin line between brash and bully

The question from here is, at what point does Christie’s ego get the better of him? Yes, his style plays great in New Jersey — a state that prides itself on toughness and brashness. But how will it wear on the American people if he runs for president in 2016? And at what point does Christie cease being endearingly brash and start being a bully?

As The Fix has noted, Christie relishes the idea of being the anti-politician, telling it like it is and damn the torpedoes. It’s a big part of his brand, and it’s what has gotten him where he is today…

Since then, of course, Christie’s personal approval ratings in New Jersey and nationally have soared. And there’s certainly no better testament to his political acumen than that.

But invariably, Christie will face some difficult times in the months and years ahead, and his blunt and brash style may not play so well when the chips are down — and when people outside New Jersey start paying closer attention to him.