The latest action in the "war on women"

As is usually the case, this stuff was no secret within the world of San Diego Democratic politics, but even though there were complaints, the leadership supported Filner anyway until things went public. And even afterward, until the pressure became too great, Democrats supported him. As with Bill Clinton, and his alleged assaults on Paula Jones, Juanita Broddrick and Kathleen Willey, tribal loyalties to party kin outweighed any concern for women as a group — or for the accusers as individuals. The accusers were tossed over the side until the publicity became too strong to ignore. Democrats — like Hillary with Bill — stood by their man, Tammy Wynette-style.

Then take New York. Please. New York now has the infamous serial sexter Anthony Weiner running for mayor. Unlike Clinton and Filner, the women Weiner was involved with seem to have been entirely consenting. Though the names involved (Weiner’s online pseudonym was “Carlos Danger,” and one of his virtual paramours — a former Obama campaign worker and anti-Sarah Palinpetitioner — went by “Sydney Leathers” though that, shockingly, is her real name) seemed like something from a 1970s porn film, the sexual contact involved seemed voluntary enough. It was just pathetic.

Even more pathetic was the fact that for Weiner this was the second time around, after giving up his congressional seat for, basically, the same thing in 2011. For Weiner, the “War On Women” aspect has more to do with the doormatization (Is that a word? It is now) of his wife, Huma Abedin.