Beyond his Moscow airport limbo, indignities await Edward Snowden

“Snowden has been living in Sheremetyevo airport for over a month, and there is no doubt that the lack of fresh air, dietary options and ability to move freely has put enormous strain on him,” Russia Today began its commentary titled “The Layover From Hell.”

It noted that should the fugitive’s July 16 application for temporary asylum be accepted, “he will have to undergo a daunting medical assessment designed especially for immigrants.” That would include screening for HIV, tuberculosis, leprosy and the sexually transmitted disease chancroid, the network noted.

Snowden will have to register his whereabouts with police at all times and will probably be limited to finding a room in a processing facility for asylum seekers far from the capital.

“There are no such facilities in Moscow, and ones in the vicinity have been flooded with refugees escaping the Syrian conflict,” human rights lawyer Elena Ryabinina told the online newspaper. She said the nearest one with vacancy was probably Perm, 600 miles east of Moscow and the site of one of Russia’s most notorious prisons.