Time to hard-delete Carlos Danger

Her circle understands that “you love who you love,” as one put it, marveling at Weiner’s “madonna-whore” complex played out online. But that doesn’t mean that you ask people to vote for someone who’s dreadfully flawed for a major office, just because you love him.

They are worried that Huma’s decision to vouch for her husband is starting to hurt her, the one person they all assumed would never be ensnared in anything weird or bad. “The hard stink of this one is going to get on everyone involved,” said one friend.

Another agreed: “As soon as she stood up to say those words she changed herself from a sophisticated, mysterious guiding intelligence and beauty next to Hillary Clinton to the wife of a tarnished Anthony Weiner.”

They fear Huma learned the wrong lesson from Hillary, given that Bill was a roguish genius while Weiner’s a creepy loser.

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