The Weiner timeline: His deceptions continued in 2012 and 2013

If this timeline is accurate, what does it tell us? At least four things. First, Weiner and Abedin began to orchestrate Weiner’s return to politics months before he began sexting with Anonymous. During these preparations, in early 2012, Weiner seems to have still been processing his understanding of what he had done.

Second, if Weiner sat for the People interview three weeks before it was disclosed on July 18, 2012, then he initiated contact with Anonymous two weeks after that interview took place. He sat with Abedin as she told the reporter that he was “trying to be the best dad and husband he can be.” He said he was a “very different person” and had a fresh perspective since their child was born. He held the baby and smiled for the camera. And then he looked up Anonymous and began sexting with her.

Third, if Weiner and Anonymous exchanged calls for six months, mostly for phone sex, that must have extended well into the fall. Even if their interactions ceased to be sexual in November, that’s well past the point (“sometime last summer”) at which Weiner claims the sexting ended.

Fourth, having reinitiated contact with Anonymous in July 2012—leading to the sexting—and again in April 2013 to check on her, Weiner proceeded to give at least two misleading TV interviews. He claimed that he had devoted the two years since his resignation to repairing his marriage and regaining his wife’s trust.

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