Palin: I was banned from talking about Wright and Ayers in 2008

She flashed back to the 2008 campaign, briefly conflating government whistleblowers trying to expose Obama administration abuses with people who were shouting about Reverend Wright five years ago. She told Van Susteren she was “banned” from talking about Wright and Bill Ayers because the Republican “elitists” running the campaign were too worried about the media backlash. She then held up what she described as a “redneck version of one of those elitist tactics of Karl Rove” using his white board to show all the scandals currently hurting Obama.

Van Susteren noted how people are actually able to see through what Obama’s saying by going online, while Palin touted how “Americans are smarter than what the lamestream media’s giving them credit for.” She said with “lapdogs” in the press not doing their jobs right, they’re leaving all the actual work of calling out Obama to the people instead.