Conservatives > liberals when it comes to happiness

At least according to a new study from researchers at Brock and Ryerson Universities which links conservative ideologies to feelings of well-being. According to the 237 Canadian students surveyed for the study, an inclination toward “right-wing authoritarianism” and “social dominance orientation” tend to correlate with personal contentment. (Yes, 237 people is a very small sample size. But the findings correlate to other larger sample surveys — of which you can read plenty more below.)

A quick note on terminology here: These are psychological terms, not political ones. They don’t overlap perfectly with our definitions of conservative and liberal. In a nutshell, right-wing authoritarianism involves submission to authority and tradition — generally conservative values. “Social dominance orientation” describes a willingness to support the current social hierarchy; in practical political terms, we’re talking positions like opposition to affirmative action and support for stricter immigration policies.

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