Why won't these journalists stop whining about Obama?

Finally, there is the continued charge, tossed about freely on cable and Twitter, that the President of the United States is criminalizing journalism, waging a war on whistleblowers, and illegally spying on millions all over the world.

The attempt to reconcile our right to individual privacy with our right to a government that protects us from harm has been taking place for more than two hundred years. It is, in essence, a debate about what it means to live in a free society, and we must constantly adapt our answers to a world where technology keeps offering new ways to pry and new ways to kill.

I would be horrified if we actually had another president like Nixon who abused these new tools to destroy his political enemies, or worse. But I would be even more horrified if our government failed to stop an attack that killed thousands because an email or phone call detailing the plot wasn’t discovered, or a leak jeopardized a U.S. asset inside a rogue state or terrorist organization, robbing us of critical information that could have saved lives.