Mouse versus man in the new Cold War

News reports focused on the small crowd, which was a fraction of the rock-star-sized turnout he got there in 2008. But Obama’s topic struck me as the cause for alarm.

He proposed cutting Russian and American nuclear arms by a third, an idea so loopy it had the feeling of a bait-and-switch. He had to know Putin would say nyet, and the timing made no sense with chemical weapons floating around in Syria and the rise of new nuclear powers, including Pakistan, India and North Korea.

Even worse, Iran’s scramble for the bomb and the warning from Saudi Arabia and others that they will want their own nukes made Obama’s choice an embarrassment. It was as if he was trying to turn attention away from the present dangers by floating a tired vision of Hope & Change.

Forget the world as it is, let’s dream about the world we want. Maybe throw a little pixie dust in the air and wish for a pony, too.