Farm bill failure shows how pointless Senate immigration debate is

A majority of the House Republican Caucus will never vote for any bill that gives citizenship to those illegal immigrants already in the country. The only hope Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, ever had of moving amnesty through the House was on the backs of Democratic votes. After the Farm Bill, House Republican leaders are reassessing that strategy.

“I’d think that Democrats’ decision to sandbag us on the farm bill today makes it obvious how impractical it would be to rely on them for votes on immigration,” a GOP leadership aide told Roll Call.

Resistance to the Schumer-Rubio bill is already strong among House Republicans and the Corker-Hoeven spend-a-thon will only strengthen that opposition. Sometime next week, the Senate will pass Schumer-Rubio, maybe with 60, maybe with 70, votes. The final tally will be completely irrelevant. The fate of immigration will be settled in the House.