These natural disasters are being caused by climate change, you know

It’s heartbreaking to see destructive forces hit families, farmers, business owners and communities across our country. It’s frustrating as the costs pile up to see next to nothing in response from Capitol Hill. And it’s ominous as the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere passes 400 parts per million – levels that haven’t been experienced in 3 million years, long before even cavemen walked the Earth.

Pouring more carbon pollution into the sky is setting the table for growing intensity of extreme weather, with more persistent drought, devastating wildfires, costly floods, scorching summers and storms that punish more with each punch.

We’ve got to stop making climate change worse. The president’s decision to double fuel efficiency standards in his first term ensures we’ll burn a lot less fossil fuels in the coming years. The next big step is to reduce carbon pollution from the nation’s power plants. They account for 40% of the carbon dioxide sent into our skies. That’s harming our environment and our communities.