Paul Ryan endorses immigration bill after Labrador walks away

“I do support what they’re doing,” Ryan said. “I think they put out a good product. It’s good policy.”

Ryan has kept in close contact with the group since the November election, but as recently as Wednesday he had declined to endorse the substance of their emerging proposal, and it was not clear whether he would side with Labrador or the three remaining Republicans in the group: Reps. John Carter (Texas), Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.) and Sam Johnson (Texas)…

“Healthcare is an issue we haven’t reconciled yet,” he added, “but they didn’t want it to impede bringing out all the other good ideas that had been agreed to. So they are putting out good policies on lots of areas of immigration reform and we will agree to disagree on future flow and on healthcare, which just simply means we have more work to do.”

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