Obama's coveniently forgotten how he voted on judges while in the Senate

According to Senate Judiciary Committee records, there were a total of 122 confirmations during Obama’s time in the Senate. Sixty of them were approved by voice vote or unanimous consent. That left 62 roll call votes for confirmation. Sen. Obama missed 13 of them — busy running for president. But of the 49 confirmation votes he participated in, he cast a “no” vote in eight: two Supreme Court nominations and six circuit court nominations.

In addition, Obama voted to filibuster one of the Supreme Court nominations, for Samuel Alito, and also tried to derail circuit court nominees William Pryor, Leslie Southwick and Janice Rogers Brown. And he certainly didn’t spend his time exhorting colleagues to confirm Bush nominees more quickly.

So now that he’s president, no matter what he says, Obama hasn’t had it any worse than his Republican predecessor. Indeed, when one takes away all the umbrage and unsubstantiated statistics, Obama’s Rose Garden message to Senate Republicans was very simple: Don’t do unto me as I did unto you.