The GOP should lead the fight against the Patriot Act

Imagine this scenario: Three Republicans senators – obviously, the mostly likely candidates being Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul – craft a bill that would repeal, or far more likely roll back certain provisions of the Patriot Act. A number of Democrats – Ron Wyden and Mark Udall, who have both warned that the administration was, with the blessing of a FISA court, engaged in these sorts of activities – would almost surely join in. Rand has already demonstrated the political potential of a passionate stand against abuse.

The administration, on the other hand, would likely have to oppose repeal or even rollbacks, turning the entire debate on its head – a pro-drone, pro-surveillance administration that also oversaw a similarly abusive IRS.

No doubt John McCain & Friends would also stridently oppose. Butt that fissure is already with the party. Though Democrats are in no position to lead a charge against their own leader, most would find themselves in a tough position, while at the same time Republicans could demonstrate a (sorely needed) consistent skepticism about government power.