Christie could run in 2016 as an independent

As execs say in the business, “He rates.”

Translation: When Christie is on, people invariably stop to hear what he has to say.

So if the Republican party refuses to accept him as its next nominee, it’s not like Christie will have to perform the etch-a-sketch high-wire act Mr. Romney did when earning the right to challenge President Obama last year.


The country holds both Democrats and Republicans in contempt, with the GOP leading in that dubious category.

Why marry yourself to a suspect brand when you don’t need its resources or platform?

Besides, being a major third-party (or no-party) candidate will be a huge story with marathon legs unto itself.

If Christie does run—and a recent lap-band surgery to help him already lose 50 pounds in an effort to pacify any health concerns sure makes it seem that way—he should do so as an independent.

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