“Can you defend his decision to ask Eric Holder investigate and review Eric Holder’s actions?”

Williams pointed out that Holder is simply executing the leak investigations Republicans have been demanding, and that began in earnest under the Bush Administration. But Williams tried to distance Holder from the Department of Justice’s more egregious actions, especially the investigation into Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen.

“Eric Holder did not conduct the probe that led people to somehow come to the madhouse conclusion that James Rosen was somehow a coconspirator,” Williams said.

Hume was incredulous at this statement. “Was that not in the FBI affidavit?”

“He signed the affidavit as Attorney General of the United States,” Williams said. “He did not conduct the probe.”

“You’re saying he’s not ultimately responsible as the head man of the Justice Department, who personally signed off on this? If he signed off on it, how can he investigate it?”