The leftist lynch mob out to get Tom Coburn should put down its pitchforks

This is all false. Coburn does not automatically oppose federal disaster relief spending for true national emergencies like Hurricane Sandy or the tornado that just hit his home state. What he does oppose is the politicization of FEMA by using the Disaster Relief Fund for increasingly smaller, but more plentiful, non-national emergencies. This drains FEMA’s resources and makes it harder for them to respond to real tragedies.

Currently the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund has a balance of $11.6 billion, FEMA Press Secretary Dan Watson tells The Washington Examiner. When a tornado destroyed Joplin, Mo., in 2011 (a city of similar size, population 50,000, to Moore, Okla., population 55,000) FEMA ended up spending just $190 million on emergency services.

In other words, FEMA probably has all the resources it needs to respond to the Oklahoma tornado. Coburn has not called for “spending cuts” or “offsets” for Oklahoma disaster relief spending because there is zero evidence that any new Disaster Relief Fund money is needed.