Rubio scolds U.S. visitors to Cuba

“Cuba is not a zoo where you pay an admission ticket and you go in and you get to watch people living in cages to see how they are suffering,” Rubio added. “Cuba is not a field trip. I don’t take that stuff lightly. You just went to Cuba and to fulfill your curiosity — which I could’ve told you about if you’d come seen me for five minutes — you’ve left thousands of dollars in the hands of a government that uses that money to control these people that you feel sorry for.”…

“The thing I really get a kick out of is every year without fail three or four of my colleagues in the Senate will travel to Cuba — they’ll have their yearly meeting with Raul Castro or whoever is there and then they come back with the same story,” Rubio said. “[They say,] ‘Oh, we really have our finger on the way to change policy toward Cuba. What we have today is a relic of the Cold War.’ That’s what they say. It is a relic of the Cold War but our policy is not the relic. The relic is the Cuban government — that’s the relic.”

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