Bill Maher on drone strikes: "You know, some people do need killing"

Maher first pointed out that Paul’s main concern was drones being used on American soil against U.S. citizens, while ignoring the fact that drones are mostly being used in other countries. Maher summed up this philosophy as “Foreigners? Fuck them,” and criticized Paul for acting like we shouldn’t care about them. Avik Roy jumped in to argue that Maher would probably be on the other side of the argument if George W. Bush was the one ordering drone strikes.

Huffington interrupted to defend Paul, saying that his filibuster was “incredibly important” and managed to break down the “right-left way of looking at politics.” Maher agreed, saying that Paul brought attention to a really important subject that Maher himself has raised in the past. Comedian David Cross said there is a “lack of empathy” among people who do not understand these issues and cannot comprehend the fact that the United States has been at war for years.

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