Five scenes from a sequestered America

2. Military Band “Pershing’s Own” Cancels Concerts.

The Washington Post reports that

“The famed U.S. Army band, “Pershing’s Own,” canceled its anniversary concert last weekend at the Strathmore Music Center in North Bethesda and is preparing to cancel other concerts as a result of federal budget uncertainties.”

According to the paper, “Cutting hall rentals and other expenses would yield about $100,000 in savings.” The Post also notes that, all told, the various branches of the military maintains about 148 bands with a combined annual budget of “about $388 million a year.”

On the other hand, “essential” military operations – including personnel costs – are exempted from the sequester. Apparently, so is the dysfunctional and generally unnecessary F-35 fighter jet program, which will cost $1.5 trillion over the course of its sorry life. …

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